Breaking Down the Patriot’s Super Bowl Loss

This past Sunday, many fans of the New England Patriots were filled with agony as they watched them lose Super Bowl XLVI to the NewYork Giants.After the game was over, many fans were left wondering why the Patriots had lost. Many blamed Wes Welker for dropping what would have been a crucial first down catch with four minutes left in the game. Others felt like Tom Brady had an overall bad game. Some blamed the Patriots defense that pretty much lived up to their poor reputation. There were also those who thought Bill Belichick did a poor job coaching. Overall, people are racking their heads over why the Pats lost.

In my personal opinion, the Patriots just lost and the Giants just won. The Giants were a better overall team coming into the Super Bowl than the Patriots were. Despite having a better record, the 13-3 Patriots had a much easier schedule than the 9-7 Giants. In addition, the Giants had a better ranked defense. Despite not having the high-scoring offense that the Pats have, the Giants were no slouches on offense this season, ranking 5th in overall passing yards this season.

Frankly,this was just one of those games where the winner is decided by where the ball bounces. As Patriots linebacker, Jerod Mayo said, “Losing is often decided by inches. And losing stinks. So now we’ve got to go back home and start winning again.”

Even though these were the same teams that played in the ’07 Super Bowl, they have both greatly changed in the past few years. This Super Bowl was a well fought battle by both teams and was ultimately decided in the final minute. Yes New England fans, I know it hurts, but I highly doubt that this will be the last time that we see the Pats in the Super Bowl.


About Brandon B.

I'm a proud Christian, above average sports fan and I'm currently in the process of growing up.

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