Student’s Week Of Prayer: Stand

This past Week of Prayer has been a blessing to many with its revamped order, more songs, and strong focus on the Bible. The effort put into making this Week of Prayer  meaningful was apparent and felt by all in some way.

The key detail that had a major impact on students was that it was run completely by students, for the students. The theme was “Stand”. The message focused on standing for one’s faith, yourself, others, and what is right even when it’s hard or may seem unpopular. This emphasis was enforced by each one of the speakers .

First to speak was Erik Kline who spoke on the topic of faith and how it can make or break you. Second was Brandon Beneche, who spoke about the concept of “together we stand, divided we fall”. Third in the lineup was Linda Olson, who spoke about standing up for the right thing even if it means hardship. “Take a moment to stand for yourself today and people will respect you for it tomorrow.” was one of the excerpts from her talk with SLA students. Fourth was Lydia Felt, who spoke about being willing to stand for the freedom and rights of others. Last but not least spoke Amber Sanchez, who stated in her sermon “Learn to stand and pick your battles now, so that you can firmly face your “giants” later.”

Student’s thoughts and feelings about the student week of prayer varied widely. Junior Karla Luna said “My favorite part of worship was the song service and the skits because they were different and opened my eyes to more things about my faith that are key to being a Christian.”

Sophomore Alyssia Cutler commented that  “The stories boosted up my confidence, which at times are very small.They were inspiring because they made me feel better about myself and because I used to get bullied but now I have more courage to stand up for myself and my beliefs, no matter what.”

Senior JP Viteri stated,  “What stood out to me about Week of Prayer was students’ service and how they portrayed real-life situations and applied them to the Bible in such a way that makes me strive to be more confident in all aspects of my life but especially with God.”

So when looking over the experience of the newly revised Student Week of Prayer, There seems to be a student body who came a little closer together. It was a big blessing that will be etched in the minds and hearts of many students here at South Lancaster Academy. Thanks so much to all the staff and leaders that put so much time and a lot of effort into making this experience memorable.


About JayJay Sierra

I enjoy to laugh. Love God and have an appreciation for art and music of all types. But with all this in mind I still really enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and styles.

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