SLA Then and Now: 1982

Have you ever wondered what South Lancaster Academy was like 5 years ago? How about 10 or 15? Or even 20 years ago? Parents are always saying how great SLA was when they went here, but some current students love to say how much they dislike this school now. Let’s take a moment and look at what life was like back in 1982; 30 years ago!

The first difference I noticed while flipping through the 1982 yearbook was that the freshmen were shown first, whereas now the seniors are the first thing you see in our recent yearbooks. They also list the officers of each class even if the titles are the same size font as the names. Also, the senior class had their picture taken with a car. But how the yearbook is set up is not really what I was originally looking for. No, that would be the activities and classes from 1982.

The student organizations of SLA in 1982 were the  Associated Student Body, or as we know it today, the Student Association. Their sponsored events included a Fall Picnic, Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Banquet, Christmas Banquet, Valentines Banquet, AYA activities, Handshake, Chapels, 50s Day, College Days, and Roller Skating. SLA also featured an AYA, or Adventist Youth Association, and the National Honor Society, which we still have today. Other organizations included the school newspaper, yearbook, and SLA choir. The Senior class had many fundraisers to raise money for their class trip to Florida.

Major class departments at SLA in 1982 included Life Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Programming, Industrial Arts, Physical Education, Business Education, Spanish, Home Economics, English, History, Religion, and Chemistry. There have been numerous classes added and  taken away over the years, but the themes of the classes seems to have remained the same for the past 30 years. Yearbooks show frequent class field trips as well.

Let’s take a look at a category that SLA students of today would most likely care most about: sports. In 1982 SLA had an intramural program that included flag football, basketball, and volleyball. SLA also had backpacking and skiing clubs that traveled all over the place. It would be a couple of years before the Crusaders come into existence.

Back in the day, SLA used to do so much throughout the school year and from the pictures (and stories from aunts, uncles, parents, and friends of parents) SLA was so much fun! So what do you think? Is SLA better now, or back in 1982? What about you parents? Do you want SLA to go back to doing more activities with the student body?


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