Point of View: “The Military”

In our country today (the U.S.A.), only about 1% are part of the many branches of our military. Though it was never God’s plan to have war, sin is always present. War is something that is almost unavoidable, and yet necessary to survive. For some Americans this horrible part of humanity represents a calling to help stop it and help those affected by the horrors of war. For some like me there is a need to serve, to protect, to be part of something better. To be able to experience honor and glory, to push oneself physically and mentally past unseen limits, and to take a stand against those who will try to harm my country, it is an honor I want to take up. I want it to be my job to go out there and make a difference. ” Many young Adventists share the same feelings as me about joining the military. If ou are one of those people, here are some opinions and factors you should think about before making your decision.

How the Church sees it: The church has traditionally neither officially supported or discouraged the individual thinking about serving. Though there are individuals who may support or criticize them, it is ultimately supposed to be that individua’ls decision. Like I said it was not God’s plan to fight in wars, but since sin took over it is something that needs to be done. Another thing that the church supports is being a conscienscious  objector, meaning that you don’t bear any weapon. Although you can do that it is a dangerous choice you will have to make.

Parents: How to Handle “The Decision”: I feel that even if the parents of the individual do not support in him/her joining the miltary, they should let them make their own decision. Encourage your child, tell them that you love them and that you are proud of them, and will love and support them in whatever career option they choose, no matter how hard it is for you as a mother/father.

In Conclusion: To wrap things up, i’d like to say that this is a decision many people other than religious ones will face. It is a choice that could destroy a family or build one up, ruin relationships or even build new ones. As they say the military is not for everyone, but for those who wish to serve their country in a different way than most, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and who are emotionally and physically strong. Most of all it requires alot of prayer, devotion, and asking God if this is his plan for your life.


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