Inside the Mind of Teenage Guys and Girls

Being teenagers,  at this stage in our life, we all go through different personal issues; whether it’s insecurities or social rivalries. Girls  go through insecurities mainly having to do with their appearance and what people think of them.  Guys mainly don’t view what they go through as insecurities, but rather as competition. If another guy claims to be better at something than another, he tries to outsmart him and prove him wrong.

It doesn’t matter how a person may act; the truth is we all have our different share of nagging insecurities or, being a guy, having  a spirit of competition with other guys. We all tend to stress about different things. The SLA Pioneer conducted interviews throughout the student body to see what types of insecurities students face nowadays.

As I said before, when it comes to girls, their main insecurity is their appearance. Being a girl, it’s important for us to feel that we’re attractive. When we see another female who appears to be prettier than us, we quickly put ourselves down. In our mind’s perspective, no matter how pretty we may seem to be, there’s always going to be someone prettier. We live comparing ourselves to how bright another girl shines, instead of stepping back and noticing how bright our own light is.

Why am I so ugly?

“What I’m mainly insecure about is my looks”, Sophomore Alyssia Cutler states. “Lots of girls make fun of my appearance and I take that stuff to heart even though I shouldn’t. At my old school, guys used to make fun of my body.”

Girls generally have the need to feel loved, and when they don’t have a certain significant other, they try to fill this need for attention from the opposite sex.  When they don’t feel they are attractive enough to do so, it brings their self- esteem down.

“Girls normally feel self-conscious,” Senior Esther Owusu adds. “They worry if their pretty enough and if their able to keep attention from men.”

Girl’s insecurities don’t only revolve around looks though; some care deeply about others perspective of them, such as classmates and the people closest to them. Their esteem depends on having many friends and being able to please everyone else in their life.

Junior Jennifer Sierra shared her opinion with the SLA Pioneer. “Most of my insecurities are how people view me and meeting up to their expectations. I guess just being myself and the struggle to be unique and not go along with everyone else and make decisions on what’s good for me.”

“My biggest insecurity is people judge me and take the wrong perspective of me” Freshmen Alena Bruso stated, while Freshmen Amber Sanchez quickly added, “I guess when my close friends- or people who I care a lot about their opinion towards me- judge me on how I act or dress.”

“Most girls are afraid of being rejected which leads to not feeling secure and safe,” A fellow Pioneer staffer replied. “Or not succeeding to your own or your parent’s expectations.

As a female I am sometimes afraid of myself. There’s sometimes I wish I was better at certain things and my self-esteem falters. My biggest insecurity might be that I look unatractive or that I have nothing interesting to say. I care a lot about how I appear to people in looks and personality.

When I interviewed males about their insecurities, I was surprised to find out lots of them don’t admit to having any. Women are more sentimental and attached and it makes sense that they would care more about how they appear to the people around them. For guys, though, they see most issues from a competitive perspective.

Courtesy of Alyssia Cutler

“Guys don’t usually feel insecure” Junior Helio Ferreira stated, while Junior Ethan Comley agreed “They just feel competitive. So if one guy says he’s better at something than the other, he will try to prove him wrong and make him feel stupid about it too.”

Some guys, like girls, tend to give a little thought to their outer appearance. When a few  senior guys were interviewed about this, they said they cared about having muscles and how strong they looked as well as watching their wardrobe choices.

“When I was young, I wanted to be not-so-skinny…that was probably my biggest insecurity.” SLA Math teacher Mr. Bisson shared.

Sometimes, we are so quick to try and blend with society and focus on the person we want to be that we forget the value of the person we are. Nobody’s perfect, and as humans it’s normal to go through low times or feeling beneath someone else. But if we remembered to step back a little and observe all of our good qualities and embrace them, we wouldn’t have so much need to compare ourselves to other people.

If you’re reading this, you’re special because you’re different. There’s something about you that’s unique from everyone else. Be your own best friend because when you feel you can’t trust others, you can always trust yourself. Always stand beside God. Always enjoy you.

“Don’t be insecure with others. Imperfection is beauty. Always have the courage within yourself”

“We may not know it, but most of us live to be remembered as someone else and not as who we truly are.”


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