New Crusader Uniforms Are In!

Finally, the new SLA Crusader uniforms arrived on January 3 after a seemingly long wait. The uniforms arrived on the night of the Crusaders’ away game against Abby Kelly, but it was too late to use them. The new uniforms for the boys are made by Nike and styled after the Oklahoma Sooners. The girls’ uniforms are styled after the Colorado Buffalos. The Crusaders received both home and away uniforms.

The Crusaders haven’t had new uniforms for more than a decade so every player, especially the senior players, were excited to get brand outfits. The reasons the school decided to purchase the new uniforms were that nothing had been bought for the teams in a long time and it was time for a change. The uniforms arrived before the Crusaders played their first game, but they were not printed because the school decided to get them done locally. This is what caused the uniforms to be delayed until January 3.

Every player on both the girls and boys teams are happy with the new uniforms. Kofi Omane complimented them saying, ” I think that the uniforms look very good and feel very comfortable as well”. Lucero Castellanos also said, “They are awesome and i love the dri-fit, because it keeps you cool when  you are playing “.

The new uniforms have many new features over their older counterparts. These new features include a rip v-neck, contrast mesh panels at shoulders and the side seems, screen printing on both the front and back, are 100% polyester and feature the moisture-wicking “Dry-Fit” technology from Nike.

Below are some pictures of the new uniforms being worn by a couple players.

Photo Taken By Alyssia Cutler


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