Superbowl XLVI Preview: Its Official!

As a New Englander I am obligated to support My Patriots, so the Patriots will win and here’s how.

To win the 2012 Superbowl the Pats need to improve and or continue their success in the following areas:

Tom Brady’s Rebound:

He WILL NOT have a game like the AFC Championship against the Ravens, or he will be going home in a hurry. He needs to stay confident inside the pocket, carefully choose the best pass option under pressure, and improve his ball placement. It is crucial for him to be able to keep his cool, and operate efficiently against a high caliber opponent. If he can do this then the offense should be able to relax and trust in the “Pilot”.

Get-Loose Gronk:

All season long Rob Gronkowski has been a lethal attack weapon for the Patriots. He has, in most eyes, become the best tight-end in the NFL. He is most-definitely going to be under lock-down by the Giants defense, but he needs to shake off the shackles. I predict that if he is able to do this he will get at least two touchdowns and between 87-136 yards.

The Defense Must Dominate: 

They have come together for the life of the Playoffs and need to continue to step up to the plate. Have some faith in them folks, especially with Wilfork leading them!

Big Ben:

 Now seen as a powerhouse in the Pats line-up, Green-Ellis has made himself a crucial part in the run game. Very well-built and physically able, he is sure to be seen often as well as Steven Ridley in this matchup with the Giants.

The Outcome: I predict a Patriots Victory 24-20.


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