Ways To Unite SLA

This year has been full of changes and surprises for South Lancaster Academy students,  like the newly formatted chapels that have more songs, a new leader, a stronger focus on prayer, and newly revised schedule. All of the above has been with good intentions, but these changes are only as effective as the who students who take full advantage of all the opportunities. If all the students try to put the following lessons together, they will be closer to each other spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  Here are four key ways that the students of SLA can learn and make this school a better environment to learn in. 

#1: Be Genuine:

  • What It Means: To be genuine means to truly be yourself, to be authentic.
  • Why You Should: In being genuine, you can truly relate to the people around you. Another reason is so that you can surround yourself with better people and others that you would like to emulate. How you act will affect the people who seek your time and attention. So in the end if you act like someone your not then the genuine people who see you will distance themselves because they can see right through you.
  • How You Can: You can make the choice to show others that you are glad to be whom God created you to be. So in conversation and action you have the opportunity to be an example of a person who is real with others in all aspects. As the saying goes “It only takes a spark to start a fire”. Be consistently a person of character and value who others can cherish and the same people will flock to surround you.

#2: Be Accepting:

  • What It Means: To be accepting means to allow others to have the space to be who they are naturally.
  • Why You Should: If you are accepting of others they will be accepting of you as a person of character, culture, and religion. What goes around comes around. So to be accepted you must be willing to accept others too.
  • How You Can: Give people the “space” and opportunity to express themselves with out chastisement. But This doesn’t mean you must approve of certain traits. You can graciously express your feelings about something controversial if they are willing to give you the same “space” you have given them.

#3: Pray For Each other:

  • What It Means: To pray for each other means to regularly talk to God about everyone that surrounds you whether it is good or bad.
  • Why You Should: When you pray for others they will feel the difference and so will you. Another thought is that when you pray, you’re asking the mightiest power in all the universe and in all time for something. Someone will eventually pray for you in your time of need if you are willing to do the same for them.
  • How: When you pray be sincere in asking the Lord’s blessing and guidance.

#4: Spend Time In God’s Word Together:

  • What It Means: Read the Bible  together.
  • Why You Should: To better understand and enjoy the wonderful and rich information and guidance that God has provided through the Bible.
  • How You Can: Take some time apart from your week and sit down with some friends and read an exert. Then slowly try to find deeper meanings that apply to you today and pray for the strength to understand how to put the lessons to practice.

Adopting these methods will help you grow as a person bringing you closer to your classmates on so many levels. Learning any of these outlined lessons may come at a cost, but the outcome for following through with trying them is far more valuable than any prize one could obtain.


About JayJay Sierra

I enjoy to laugh. Love God and have an appreciation for art and music of all types. But with all this in mind I still really enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and styles.

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