New Finals Format: Love it or Hate it?

On January 9-12, semester finals were held. Except this time, students from all grades were assembled in the gym to take their scheduled tests instead of our individual classrooms according to class. The gymnasium was set up with a large plastic cover on the floor and about 100 desks facing a stage. Every grade took the same subject test at the same time, differencing from previous years, when each class took each subject grade in an assigned classroom, separated from other class groups.A poll was taken by pioneer staff asking 50 SLA students if they liked taking midterms in the gym or not. Their answers are as follows:

The SLA faculty were also interviewed concerning finals in the gym, and each of them expressed mixed feelings.

Mr. Cook, SLA’s physical education teacher, gave his insight as to why he has mixed feelings. “As a teacher, yes I liked the way it was set up. As an athletic director, no. It was easier to get all the blocks done at the same time but it was a pain because the gym wasn’t open for practice.”

Mr. Lambert, our history teacher, also shared his feelings. “I liked getting all the history tests done in one shot. My biggest problem was when I had 20 hands raised and could only answer them one at a time.”

So judging by these answers, finals in the gym was nicely welcomed by most students. Maybe if they could fix the scheduling to comply with most worries from the faculty, this could become a normal routine for finals.


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