Crew Mistakenly Tells Passengers Plane Will Crash

This past week, a British Airways (BA) plane, flight 206, was on its way from Miami to London when a recorded warning was accidentally played over the loudspeaker.

Pic From Google Images

The message played was that the plane was about to crash in the Atlantic. Screams were heard as sheer panic flew through the cabin with families crying thinking that their end was near.

A little bit later though another message was played telling them to ignore the previous warning. The message made some people relieved while others were angered at the crew for giving them such a scare. No reported lawsuits have appeared yet, but someone may eventually sue the airline.

The passengers on flight 206 were not at all satisfied with the apology letters they received when they exited the plane. Some said that the experience was probably the worst of their life. Others said that British Airways should not get away with the grief they caused everyone.

This is not the first time British Airways has made a mistake with pre-recorded messages. In August of 2010, passengers were mistakenly told that they had to make a water landing in the ocean on their way to Hong-Kong also from Heathrow airport in London. British Airways also apologized to its passengers for that mistake.

One would now think that British Airways would see to it that their airline crew would ensure that the correct audio is played when necessary so that no more situations like this ever again occur. This would reassure passengers of their safety and let them relax while in flight.


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