Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: The Smarter Buy?

Since the release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Ps3, all you ever hear is, “this one is better” or, graphics this and features that. Through this article you should be able to better defend your opinion, since this argument is not soon to be settled.

Let’s first look at the facts.

Hard Drive Space: 

The Xbox 360 has a standard 4GB hard drive. Though it is very limited and appeals to only the most basic gamers, it is easily expandable.   If you’re not satisfied with the limited space of Xbox’s standard drive, an upgraded drive may be purchased at your local electronic or gaming store.

The Ps3 Comes with a rather large standard hard drive of 160 GB. It is also available in a 360 GB drive for those with some extra cash in their back pocket. With this drive you don’t have to worry about running out of space for your games, movies, expansion packs, music etc.

The Winner: Playstation 3

Cool Features:

Xbox has taken controller-free gaming a step farther than the Wii, and Playstation Move. It offers a fairly accurate and awe-inspiring ability to sense the user’s moves and almost a full range of motion. Although it costs a bit extra than the regular Xbox, it’s a worthwhile investment for those who wish to enter a new realm of gaming.

Playstation also has this new motion-sensing ability, a feature much similar to the Wii, called Playstation Move. It works by sensing the angle, position, and motions that are made with the handheld controller. Still pretty cool, but ask yourself if you want to have to hold something, or just let your body do all the work.

The Winner: Xbox 360

Online Play and Subscription:

Microsoft offers an online service for their gaming environment called Xbox Live. It is available in a number of different price ranges and qualities, the highest being Gold Membership. Although it costs extra to be able to play online, Xbox holds the title of “Best Online Gaming Experience.” You don’t have to worry about crashes, major lagging, theft, or hacking.

Ps3’s online play on the other hand is free, as long as the consumer has an active e-mail address. While it is free, it cannot compete with the quality of Xbox Live. It lags, can crash, and is often hacked.

Quality and Reliability Winner: Xbox 360

Value Winner: Ps3

Gaming Variety and Quality:

Xbox without a question wins hands down in this category. Not only does Microsoft have exclusive titles only on their system, but there are many extra features (expansion packs)  for the games that other systems also have. Some examples of games that Ps3 lack are Halo, Gears of War, and Assassin’s Creed. Playstation does have a fairly large gaming variety but they need to step it up a notch if they want to truly compete with Xbox.

The Winner: Xbox

The Verdict:

It terms of overall features, it may seem that Ps3 has more to offer, including the luxury of not having to pay for online memberships to play your favorite games. Some even buy the Ps3 for the blu-ray player. On the other hand, the Xbox 360 costs less and has more games to play. Factoring in it’s simplicity to use, better online play, and more expansions available such as hard drives, game packs, and personalization options, the choice seems clear.

It’s all about which seems more practical and enticing to the consumer. Each offers different features and is better than the other at some things. In the end ask yourself what offers more things that you will actually use, which is more versatile, and which one better acquires to your budget.


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