SLA Steps Up Student Surveilance

Due to the rising issue of student protection on school property, South Lancaster Academy and Browning Elementary have invested in a new system of surveillance cameras.

The school stated their reason for the decision was to help eliminate wasted time tracking down students out of class and protection of the school from vandalism, which has increased around the school in the last five years. The cameras allow the administration to monitor the activity in the common places, such as hallways and stair wells that are otherwise unsupervised and where students tend to roam.

The funds for the “extra set of eyes”  has come from a grant that the school received from the Atlantic Union Conference. This grant  is specified to be used for technology purposes only. So with that in mind, the administration feels that the cameras will continue to help create an environment that is safe for all that enter while investing the school’s overall mission of  “educating children in a Christ centered environment.”

By the time winter break is over, all the hallways and exteriors of both school buildings will have these cameras installed. All of these devices can be accessed from any internet source if the “need” arises. Clearance for authorized users are named at the school administration’s discretion.

Overall, most parents were not informed of this new development because “It was the board’s decision and it was not their (parents) funds” stated the school’s principal, Mr. Huff. The students had not been briefed about this change either. The cameras and their placements have been a surprise to everyone. But with good intentions and strong emphasis on safety, the cameras are being placed as a precaution of further destruction and expensive repairs to school property.


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