Is Suspension For ‘Tebowing’ Going To Far?

Earlier this week, a group of students at a high school in Long Island New York were suspended. The reason for the suspension was for what is now called, ‘Tebowing’. They

Taken From Google Images

were ‘Tebowing’ by imitating the Denver Broncos quarterback when he gets down on one knee and prays before and after games. A group of students decided to do this in between classes in their school hallway. Some of the students were interviewed and argued that they just wanted to imitate Tebow, because they thought he was a leader and someone worth emulating. The school faculty did not see any humor in this and punished them saying that the students blocked the hallways and caused disruption.

Obviously, there are people that think the suspension was an exaggeration. This is arguable only if the students were ‘Tebowing’ out of religious views, then the school cannot interfere. Now, if the students only did this because it was the ‘cool’ thing to do, then the school can say that they were preventing teachers from teaching their students and causing a distrubance.

When the students first started ‘Tebowing’ no one really cared. As they kept doing this though, others joined in and some other students began watching, taking pictures, and recording them with their phones. Eventually, the school faculty came and broke all the students up. The students that had been ‘Tebowing’ were taken to the office and received suspensions as a result of their ‘shenanigans’.

The families of the suspended students are obviously upset with the way the school handled the situation, but how do you feel? Decide for yourselves and leave us a comment on whether you think the school handled it correctly or if the students were unfairly punished.


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  1. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks!

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