Top 5 Celebrity Outbursts

There is never a dull moment in Hollywood, and we have  intriguing celebrities to thank for this never-ceasing fountain of entertainment. There is always something new to talk about, and one of my personal favorites, is when celebrities’ tempers get the best of them. We all love to have a good laugh when a celebrity loses it, and it brings us a good laugh, and sometimes great concern. Let’s take a look at a few of the most celebrity outrageous outbursts of the decade.

3. Baldwins on a Plane

In the third spot comes one  of our most recent outbursts, courtesy of “30 Rock” star, Alec Baldwin. Baldwin was on board of a domestic flight to New York on American Airlines when the flight crew asked the passengers to turn off their electronic devices. But Baldwin was engaged in an intense and ever-so-important game of “Words With Friends”. According to the statement released by the airline, Baldwin refused to turn off his phone when he was asked to, and then took the phone into the plane’s bathroom while the fasten seatbelts light was on. The statement said that he slammed the bathroom door so loud that the crew in the cockpit heard it, and were alarmed. He then proceeded to shout offensive language and scream out insults. A few days later, Baldwin went on Saturday Night Live to issue an apology to himself on behalf of the Airlines, and took harsh shots at them via twitter before completely deactivating his account altogether.

So was he justified taking this course of action? Sophomore Luis Reveron thinks so. “Yes he is justified. The Airline crew were clowns for kicking him off.”

2. That Awkward Moment When…

Number two on our list is one of the most infamous rants of our time. Who can forget the night when starlet Taylor Swift went on stage to receive an award at the MTV Video Music Awards and Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech? This sparked massive outrage across the nation, even inciting a response from President Barack Obama. Kanye West interrupted her speech for Best Music Video, and said that Beyonce had the best music video of the year and that she deserved it  instead of Taylor. This is probably one of the cruelest outbursts we have seen, but was he justified for doing it?

Junior Deanna Howard doesn’t think so. “It’s not right.  Taylor Swift is a nice girl and everyone needs recognition at some point.” Mr. West sure didn’t seem to think so. But then again, this isn’t his first foolish public outburst in recent years.

3. Tiger Blood and Winning

Our number one outburst is from the  great Charlie Sheen . The rant that went on for what seemed like months. When CBS said they were going to put his show, “Two and a Half Men” on temporary hiatus while he went to rehab, Sheen went on an all out offensive against the network, despite threats to permanently cancel the show if he did. Sheen took the nation by storm, coining the term “winning”,  gaining four million followers on Twitter, drinking Tiger Blood, and having some “interesting” relationships. This could go down as one of the most infamous rants in history, and nobody will soon forget this one. If he wanted to make a mark, congratulations Sheen, you did it.

But was it right of him to do what he did? Junior Kofi Omane said, “No. Because CBS have a right as an organization to have their stars have to live up to the expectations they set. He failed to to reach that, and doesn’t deserve a spot on the show until he can prove that he can live up to them.”

So there you have it folks, the most interesting outbursts. The question that remains is, who will bring us our next fix of celebrity outrages? And will that person outdo the people on our list? Only time will tell, but without question, there will be many more to come. All that is left to do is wait and see.


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