Spirit Week Then and Now- An Interview with Mr. Huff

Last week, December 5 through 9, the yearly Spirit Week event at SLA was held. This time though, the instructions were much different from previous years. Usually, in the daily themes

Courtesy of Alyssia Cutler

Photo courtesy of Alyssia Cutler

student have been given, they can show their originality and uniqueness. This year, however, the themes required students to stay within the dress code except for, of course, “Dress Up Day” and “Purple and White Day” the other days included, “Face Paint Day”, “Hat Day”, and “Nerd Day”

. Lots of students were disappointed by this, and curiosity was aroused as to why this year was different from the rest. Mr. Huff was interviewed recently as to why this change occurred.

Q: Why was spirit week the way it was this year?
A: “Because students take advantage of the situation. Typically they aren’t participating with spirit and allow themselves to come just out of dress code.”

Q: Is there anything that happened last year to provoke this decision?
A: “Yes, it’s easier not to have it [Spirit Week] than to have the hassle. My frustration with students was huge because they would just wear what they wanted. I’m not opposed to Spirit Week; I’m opposed to the kids not having the spirit.”

Q: Would you ever hold Spirit Week again the way it used to be?
A: “No, students aren’t mature enough to do what they’re supposed to do.”

Q: When did the first Spirit Week take place and were the dress code problems better then?
A: “Traditionally up until last year we’ve had Spirit Week and the dress code problems were actually a lot worse then.”

Q: Is there any way we can fix the dress code problem during Spirit Week so it wouldn’t have to be canceled and the people who were actually participating don’t have to suffer thanks to the ones who aren’t?
A: “Yeah we can but it’s just a hassle. I don’t like penalizing everybody for the actions of a few but in this case the actions of the few affect everybody.”


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