Ask the Pioneer: Mini Skirts and Music Flirts

Hey there! Every month the Pioneer staff  will be dedicating an article to answering questions that students may have, giving them a forum to receive answers to the toughest questions in a discreet, comfortable way. You can become a part of these discussions by emailing your questions, ideas or thoughts to  So please feel free to join in and get some positive, spiritually-based feedback to your inquiries from your student newspaper.

Photo by Alyssia Cutler

Q: Why are mini skirts accepted and not addressed, and yet sagging pants are considered immodest?

A: They shouldn’t be! Often times people say that sagging pants are inappropriate. The reasoning behind this is, one is supposed to wear pants to “cover up”. So in letting your pants ride low, it defeats the whole purpose as to why pants were invented. But it’s the same with skirts right? They were originally designed to “cover up”too, while making a distinction between genders. As time has gone on, both have become more risque. Nowadays skirts have become more for attraction purposes. To make a skirt look attractive, it cannot be “long”. The purpose behind that shortening is to give the guys something to look at. But the problem with this idea is that guys are not only looking but also imagining and hoping for something too.

So in wearing a mini skirt, you are offering the guys something that you may not have realized. This causes a lot of trouble at times in communication between the sexes, and doesn’t present a positive Christian image of you. That’s why when I get dressed for the  day I think about what I want to “offer” and what I want to “keep for later”. This helps eliminate many problems and prevents unwanted attention. It also helps people understand what I stand for.

Because how one presents themselves affects how other people view you and whether they will deem you as someone to respect, you should be thoughtful. So the next time you reach into your closet, think about what your attire says about you. Meditate on how you want to be viewed and pick wisely. Guys, that goes for you too! Pull them up!

Photo by Alyssia Cutler

Q: Will music from artists like Lady Gaga influence even the strongest Christian with a firm will? Do the lyrics make that much of a difference even if you’re not focusing on them?

A: All music has a certain amount of influence on everyone. Some people have certain tendencies that make them more apt to being influenced or swayed by a song’s lyrics than others. Nevertheless all music stays in your subconscious, whether you want it to or not. Music is a powerful medium because it can bypass your brain’s warning and filter system for what is right and wrong (your conscious)  and is automatically stored among the information and facts that you have in your mind

So when you reach into the knowledge that you have built up for making simple decisions, your mind takes into account the information that it has stored through the music. Therefore its dangerous to just put any type of music in your head. You have to take the time to think over what the song says and what its true meanings are. Then take into consideration under what circumstances the song(s) were written and to whom it was dedicated to.

After all this thought, you should be able to clearly see what the song truly is. There is no middle ground when it comes to music. Either it is a “treasure mine” of good values and wonderful lessons that will influence you for good, or it’s a bunch of junk that will eventually take its toll on your mind and influencing your choices in a negative way.

Will you decide to feed your mind healthy messages that can bring you up? Or will you allow the beat of every song to govern what you feed you mind, emotions, and attitude? You must choose or the world will decide for you. Pray about it, God can help you come to a better understanding.

Hebrews 10:22 This verse is a good reminder of why you must be careful of what you intake especially if God is living there.

If you’d like to read more about how the media can influence your thinking, check out this website.


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