Interesting New Schedule for the NBA

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With the lockout finally over, many basketball fans are looking forward to the upcoming 2011-12 season. Because of the lockout the schedule for this year is significantly different from earlier ones. For starters, each team will be playing 66 games between the December 25 and April 26. In addition to this, many teams will have to play three games in a row at some point in the season.

The new schedule could be both beneficial to many teams but also harmful to others. For example, older teams like the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, and the L.A. Lakers would benefit from the extended rest period, but they would probably have a difficult time with the large amount of back-to-back games. Most of the key players of the Celtics are over thirty years old and, with this season probably being their last chance at a title, they will really need to have a healthy season. After failing to make any big acquisitions this off-season, the Lakers will have to rely heavily on their older talent. Also The Spurs two best players, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli, appear to be on their last legs in their career and will need a healthy season in order to make one final run in the post season.

On the other hand, younger, more athletic teams like the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder will probably thrive under the shorter, more compressed time frame. The Heat are looking to have a very strong season after losing in the NBA finals, while the Thunder have a similar plan after losing in the Western Conference Finals.

When asked about her opinion of the new schedule, sophomore Brunette Jean said,”I think that it’s good and bad. I think that it’ll be fun to watch but I also think that it will be very hard on the players.”

While the new schedule may bring up several questions, many fans are just happy to have the NBA back.


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