Is Tiger Back?

After many close matches in which he almost won, Tiger Woods finally won a golf tournament for the first time since his affair in 2008. This win is huge

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for him, because he has been stuck in a two-year winless slump. This win could send Tiger into a win streak, but we won’t be sure until he wins maybe another quick one to prove that he is back.

Tiger won this latest match on the 17th and 18th holes when he was down one stroke to Zach Johnson. On the 17th hole, Tiger hit a birdie to tie Johnson and on the 18th hole he hit another birdie for the win. The crowd went crazy, and it seemed like the old Tiger fans were back. Tiger was also extremely excited for this win and he hopes that this ends his golf slump. If so, this means that the old Tiger is back.

So when interviewed, it was obvious that Tiger was very excited that he won, and Zach Johnson accepted defeat like a gentleman. For this tour Tiger wore a different pair of golf shoes that he designed earlier and hoped that they would help him play better. It appeared that they did, at least for this game. Some people will probably think that this is just a win that he would eventually get, but others truly do believe that the Tiger Woods of old has returned and will continue to compete in many more golf tournaments. So decide for yourself. Is Tiger finally back or did he just get lucky?


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