Winter Paradise Banquet: Hit or Miss?

Courtesy of Alyssia Cutler

The Senior Christmas Banquet, entitled “Winter Paradise”, was held on November 4 in the SLA gymnasium. Students who previously bought their tickets to attend were welcomed by the alluring decorations, elaborated to match the wintery Christmas theme. The tables were fancied up with centerpieces and salad bowls and chocolate kisses were served at every table.

Socializing activities was given at the very beginning, giving time to break the ice while the rest of the students arrived. Soon after, Seniors began the entertainment, introducing various games. Every couple of minutes, Senior Linda Olsson would come up and ask questions having to do with winter, getting tables to work together and against the others to try to answer the questions first.

Following the trivia game was the main event for the night, the talent show. Seniors Marlene Martinez and Tiya Quittmayer started out by singing “Can’t find the words” by Karina Passian.

A few minutes later, tables began lining up for the buffet dinner.  The menu included garlic bread, vegetables, and different kinds of pasta. Christmas songs played in the background while everyone consumed their food, warming the atmosphere. In the meantime, each seat had a slip of paper to make King and Queen nominations.  Shortly after, the talent show continued with Sophomore Jordanne Howell- Walton and Senior Esther Owusu performing a string duet to the song, “A Silent Night”.

The banquet continued swaying along smoothly with the Christmas karaoke competition. Senior Justin Hernandez took the opportunity and happily croaked “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie. The floor became an open ground for jokes over the mic after.

The banquet finished off with announcements of King and Queen honors and Best Dressed honors which were both awarded to Seniors Eduardo Cunha and Linda Olsson.

After the banquet the Pioneer collected student feedback on the banquet and different opinions were received. Many commented on the amazing decorations and the complete transformation of the gym. In addition, every person interviewed  had something to say about the entertainment for the night.

“They could have done better on entertainment.” Freshmen Alena Bruso told the SLA Pioneer. “You just sat there talking most of the time. They should’ve had more activities where everyone participated and not just sat there. But the decorations were really pretty.”

When 8th Grader Sophia Bruso was asked for her opinion, she responded, “They should’ve had more activities. The karaoke was cool. They could’ve played classier music. But the decorations were really nice and the food was really good.”

Lastly, Freshmen Dylan Gibbons added his input. “I thought that because of the over-advertising, it was gonna be really good, so that was a disappointment. And we expected real entertainment but it didn’t turn out that way.”

So this year’s Christmas was both a definite hit on decorations and food but didn’t focus much on fun entertainment, which has always been one of the major problems at banquets. Hopefully by next banquet the  entertainment choices will take more of a central focus to make the evening more enjoyable.


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