Thanksgiving and What It Means To Us Now vs. Then

Today, when a person hears the holiday Thanksgiving, most think of food and football. Others think of family and being appreciative of what they have. There are so many differing opinions and views of this traditional holiday that is celebrated in the U.S. Many families have a couple of different ways they celebrate and then with all types of food and decorations and stories.  The true meaning of thanksgiving is usually forgotten in all the commotion of consumption of food and material items on Black Friday.

For many others, Thanksgiving is a tradition and try to keep the focus on family and being thankful for what one has. For those who came before us, this holiday symbolized the gratefulness for freedom of religion and a new start with friends that became like family. Even so, there are others who focus more on the aspect of catering to those less fortunate and spend their holiday making someone else feel at home and appreciated.

But now more than ever before, families have strayed and forgotten the true meaning of this timeless holiday. Most often many Americans will gorge themselves on too much food while watching a football game. Or they run around traveling everywhere but not really valuing the time spent with their family or appreciating what they have.

Then again there are always the few people who still treasure this holiday for what it was really meant to be: a time to give thanks with people you love as you learn and grow together, becoming what you were destined to be. Some of those families are the Milliron family who relax while sitting down to a traditional meal with the added specialty of stuffed mushrooms and enjoying each others company. Another family who values Thanksgiving for what it really stands for is the Sierra family who gathers about 30 members, young and old together for a a meal with many cultural favorite dishes while telling stories and marveling how everyone has grown over the past year.

Some have a more unique way of celebrating this timeless holiday, like the Allain family who gets together, launches rockets, and rides horses after sitting down to a large feast and playing numerous games. And even still, the Viteri family comes together to eat and watch a bunch of movies while telling jokes in a carefree atmosphere.


About JayJay Sierra

I enjoy to laugh. Love God and have an appreciation for art and music of all types. But with all this in mind I still really enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and styles.

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