SLA Basketball Roster Results Are In

Photo Courtesy of Google Pics

This past Monday, varsity and junior varsity basketball tryouts were held for both the girls and boys. Coach David Cady of the boys and coach Carolyn Gifford of the girls were looking for the best players to help their teams be awesome. The girls tryouts were held from 4-6pm and the guys tryouts were held from 6-8pm. By the end of the day the coaches had all the players picked in their minds. Listed below are the results for both teams.



Boys Varsity

Adrian Olivera

Eduardo Cunha

Nathan Grunder

Daanan Hall

Harrington Brown

Kofi Omane

David Cady

Helio Ferreira

Ethan Comley

Adam Gagnon

Pablo Huerfano

Brandon Beneche

Guys Junior Varsity

Josue Reveron

Luis Reveron

Isaac Valera

Samuel Holguin

Leo Zamo

Arlan Gagnon

Jordan Leplatte

Ethan Severin

Nick Morin

Jay Oh

Aaron Comley

Isaias Santana

Gilbert Cartagena

Tristan Johnson

Joe Moon

Girls Varsity

Esther Owuso

Lucero Castellanos

Linda Olsen

Marlene Martinez

Deanna Howard

Brunette Jean

Tia Allain

Lydia Felt

Melodie Kukome

Ashley Bottis

Rosalba Valera

Elena Shand

Lisa Gifford

Girls Junior Varsity

Jordanne Howell-Walton

Jannice Grunder

Rosie Collado

Nawal Habib

Mara Luna

Allura Millaron

Hadiya Severin

Renata Menzez

Boys and girls varsity will practice Monday through Thursday, the girls junior varsity will practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the boys junior varsity will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So needless to say ‘Good luck!’ to this years Crusaders and have a fun filled basketball season.


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