Embarrassing Stories

All of us have embarrassing moments. Some are horribly bad, some are awkward at first, but later on you can look back and laugh at them.

Students at SLA were asked to share some embarrassing moments in their life, and interesting stories were received.

“One day I was at a furniture store looking at beds,” Sophomore Roxanne Bruso started. “My attention was aroused by this really big comfortable looking bed in one of the aisles. I happily ran over to it catching speed since I was about to jump in it, and as soon as I landed I realized the bed had no mattress! I slowly toppled over and fell to the ground in front of everybody nearby looking at other beds. It was pretty embarrassing.”

After thinking it over a little, Sophomore Elena Shand shared her awkward moment. “I was at a grocery store one day with my dad. I let go of my shopping cart, distracted by the conversation I was having with him. I came back to retrieve my shopping cart, and grabbed the one I thought was mine. I kept obliviously walking down the aisle and the lady who’s cart I took came up to me and started screaming at me in a foreign language, dragging her carriage away from me. I looked down and finally realized it wasn’t mine and awkwardly walked away.”

“I walked into school one day with a box filled with a bunch of stuff,” Senior Chris Milliron told the SLA Pioneer. “I walked up the stairs and into the hallway with the box, strolling casually. I don’t know what happened, but I suddenly tripped and everything went flying all over the hallway and I was sprawled on the floor. It was really embarrassing!”

When Senior Esther Owusu was asked to tell her story she shortly replied. “I was stepping off the stage in church and everything was dead silent. I reached the small stairway to finish getting off the stage, and I tripped on the second to last stair before reaching the bottom. Everyone was staring at me! It was kind of awkward.”

Lastly, Mr. Fellows, decided to share his own embarrassing story. “I was at a spelling bee at AUC one time, reading the words to students so they could spell them. The judges were people of authority, like Mr. Christoph for example, who likes everything to be just right. I flipped the cards to a word I’ve never been able to a pronounce. It was a river in Virginia named the Potomac River but I’ve always pronounced it Po- to- mic out of habbit. I nervously stuttered that out when I dictated the word to the student, and he gave me a frazzled look. ‘I’m sorry, can you say that again?’ he asked. I awkwardly responded, ‘Uh, Po-to-mic.’ The judges of the other side stared at me and shook their heads. ‘Um, can you use it in a sentence?’ the student asked me once again. Mr. Christoph cleared his throat and replied, ‘That would be, Po- to- mac.’ It was pretty awkward since me being an English teacher wouldn’t know how to pronounce that word.”

Living life involves many moments that can embarrass and cause feelings of awkwardness. Just learn to laugh at yourself and embrace them! You’ll never have an awkward moment again.


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