Patriots Sweep the Rex Ryan Led Jets For First Time In Three Years

Courtesy of Google Images

For the first time in three years, or since Rex Ryan become the head coach of the New York Jets, the New England Patriots swept the Jets in the

season series. At the beginning of this year the Jets Led the Patriots in head-to-head wins 3-2, but with this sweep, the Patriots lead the Jets now 4-3. Before the game Sunday night, both the Patriots and the Jets hadn’t lost to each other at home at all in past head-to-head matches. This stat changed though when the Patriots obliterated the Jets in the Meadowlands 37-16. In previous games against the Jets, the Patriots always had a lead but would lose it in the end to the Jets defense. This time however, after scoring a late touchdown in the second quarter, the Patriots came back with all the momentum and outscored the Jets 24-7 in the second half with Brady throwing two more touchdowns and the Pats defense scoring a pick six off a bad Mark Sanchez pass.

This isn’t the biggest point deficit for the Patriots when they have played the Jets though, last year the Patriots beat them 45-3  at home.  After the game there was many colorful things said by both sides.

Coach Bellichick of the Patriots was caught after the game saying to his son, “Best defense in the league huh, they (Jets) can [expletive] my [expletive].” This obviously was what he thought of everyone saying how good the Jets defense was. He later was on the radio and said that he didn’t “remember” saying that.

On the Jets side, Coach Rex Ryan was leaving the field and a Patriots fan yelled “you suck” at him. Rex answered him saying, “Shut the [Expletive] up!” After the loss Rex also talked to the media and said, “Well last year I said we were out of the playoffs and we made it, so yeah, we don’t have a chance.”

The Patriots and the Jets have recently had a lot of bad blood with each other so just wait until their next game and see what emotions are shown between these bitter rivals.


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