Senior Survival Brings Class Closer Together

By Thomas Beneche

Courtesy of Brittany Madden

A traditional event at SLA is senior survival. It’s when the senior class spends a week, from September 9 to September 16 in the wilderness of southern Vermont. Seniors learned survival, teamwork, and spiritual skills.
For survival training the seniors learned how to build shelters with materials found in the woods, build fires, fire safety, orienteering,how to find water and food and more.

Daanan Hall states, “The survival training touches useful point in a survival scenario.We had instructor’s.To me acquiring food and shelter was the most important part of the survival training. The hardest part was making splints with resources from the woods. On the final medical scenario what would’ve helped us save all four victim the most was better communication and teamwork at the beginning.

Senior Linda Olson describes the spiritual aspect of the trip, “I think the class grew exponentially spiritually, we’re being serious in chapel now. To me the time when we felt the Holy Spirit is when went into the fields with Mr. Henderson on Tuesday night. Studying the last chapters of the Great Controversy helped us to understand that Jesus is coming soon and we need to be ready. Individually we have grown, but I wish that we could have stayed who we were in the woods.”

Pastor Nino said that, “when challenges came they adapted and overcame them. They made progress in teamwork, it wasn’t perfect but they grew as a class and learned to truest each other more.”


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