Students Feeling Pressured- The Clock Ticking Faster Than Ever

Courtesy of Alyssia Cutler

By: Natalia Perez

Recently, several students were surveryed concerning major problems that they wished could be changed at SLA. One of the most mentioned issues was indeed, time. Complaints were received about time in between classes and the very limited time students have to calmly consume their lunches. Many students feel it is too much pressure to fit in warming up your food and eating it while trying to socialize with friends into a 20 minute time frame. Lunch time also does not only affect students, but complaints about such a short lunch time came from teachers as well. In previous years, the time given for lunch was at least 25 minutes, but this current school year five minutes have been deducted, making the time feels shorter than ever.

“Lunch should be extended because there are over 100 students at SLA and only 3 microwaves”  Sophomore Elena Shand told the SLA Pioneer.  “Due to teens busy schedules now-a-days people have resorted to microwavable lunches. Waiting in line microwave takes up to 15 minutes in itself so kids are forced to gobble down their lunch or dispose of it in the next class which takes away attention for the rest of the day because they are thinking of the food they didn’t get to eat.There’s not even time to properly socialize which causes more talking in class.”

“I hate the time we have in between classes” Freshmen Rosie Collado states. “I always have to be late to a class because I have bottom locker and I have to wait for the person who owns the locker on top of mine to get their stuff before I can get my own, and the hallways are always so crowded and its really hard to get through.”

“I feel like lunch time is way too short.” Sophomore Brandon Beneche says. “Lunch time is the only time we get any exercise besides gym, but by the time I’m done eating my small lunch there’s barely any time left.”

“I think the lunch is way too short.” Junior Felicia Rice states.”I have to, like, inhale my food in order to finish my lunch in time. The 3 minutes in between classes is far too short. I have to run to my locker, get my books, and run to class. God forbid anyone should talk to you or ask you a question before class. I can’t even go to the bathroom! We aren’t given enough time. I feel like I’m being rushed constantly, and I feel really stressed out.”

The administration however, have a different perspective. When asked how this time matter could be changed, Principal Huff replied “If you want my honest answer; We’d have to extend the school day. Either starting at 7 in the morning instead of eight or ending at 4 instead of 3.”

So even though time cannot be changed to our comfort, at least we have the privilege of an early summer and hopefully students will find techniques to help them deal with time and find themselves a little less stressed for the rest of their years left at SLA.

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.  ~The Talmud

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