Britt Nicole: Lost Get Found

Cover of "Lost Get Found"

Cover of Lost Get Found

By Jennifer Sierra

Britt Nicole is a relatively new Christian music artist. She strives to be a positive example and influence to the youth of this generation through all her CDs including her latest offering, Lost Get Found. She portrays a spirit of longing that many of the youth in this day and age have when referring to God. Her goal when she produced the album was to focus on how to deal with life changes and being different in a society that goes against many Christian beliefs and moral values

With a fresh new perspective to how to live life to its fullest and for God with an open and willing heart, Britt Nicole has put into music the many difficult emotions and thoughts that may trouble our young people.When put in this mindset, one will see the encouraging words that this young lady brings the listener to a place of peace and yet a moment of enjoyment while trying to sort out the things that come with growing up.

For example her song Hanging On gives the listener a sense of what it is like to fully trust God in a relationship that is uplifting and shows the importance of our need for Him. Her next song Welcome To The Show is another reminder to take the time to smile, enjoy life, and be you no matter what. This song has a bouncy and catchy beat that is contagious and present in most of fast songs that are quite evenly spread out throughout the whole CD.

Two things that some listeners have found lacking in Lost Get Found is more diversity in the style of the songs and a lack of extra features. Overall this CD has gotten an average rating of 4 to 5 stars across the board. So whether you are looking for something new, bouncy, Christian, or with a set of positive messages, this is a CD that I would recommend looking into. To preview the songs at full length for free, please go to You can find her music at any of the major retail store or digital download service.


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  1. Lost …… found…Britt Nicole 🙂

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