Tim Tebow Delivers In Debut Start

By: Ethan Comley

Phto Courtesy Of Google Images

After yet another loss with Kyle Orton throwing multiple interceptions, Bronco fans finally got their wish. John Fox named Tim Tebow Starter against the Miami Dolphins. Originally, Fox named Kyle Orton the starter despite inconsistent stats saying that he saw Orton as the better quarterback. After a few bad starts however though, it became clear that Orton wasn’t the best decision. He had been the starter last year until the end of the season last year but he constantly would throw away games with multiple interceptions. In his six year career, he has thrown 79 touchdowns to 55 interceptions. This means he almost has an interception for every touchdown he throws.

Eventually Tim Tebow must have known that his time would come. He started a few games last year and had a good win against the Houston Texans. Tebow’s college career was very successful, winning a national championship. His NFL career however hasn’t been so good. He has been known as the mast inaccurate passing quarterback in the NFL.

In Tebows season debut Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, it didn’t look very promising. Tebow didn’t put up any points for the Broncos all the way into the fourth quarter. The score was 15-0 and the Broncos and say little hope in any sort of comeback. Tebow had a different plan though and with 5:23 left in the game and the ball on their own 20 yard line, the comeback began. Tim Tebow led the broncos down the field for a score. The Broncos then decided to go for the onside kick which they would recover off a fumble. Once again they went down the field and scored. They were still down by two points though, so instead of kicking an extra point, they went for the two point conversion. Tebow’ s chance came here, after a pump fake, Tebow ran into the end zone to convert for two points. The game was tied 15-15.

Overtime came and during a Miami possession, Dolphin quarterback Matt Moore fumbled deep in their own territory, and a few plays later the Dolphins opted to kick a field goal for the win. It was good. The Broncos won their first game. It is now clear that after this win in Miami, Tim Tebow has a bright future ahead despite many improvements needed. So get ready for next week, it looks like Tim Tebow could deliver again.


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