SLA Talent Spotlight: Eduardo Cunha

Photo Courtesy of Alyssia Cutler

By: J.P. Viteri

South Lancaster Academy is a school with very talented students. Many of them exhibit their talents on a regular basis. Senior Eduardo Cunha is no exception. Eduardo frequently uses his talents in the student chapel playing the piano in the praise team group; but many may not know that he has many other talents besides playing the piano.

Eduardo also plays the ukulele, harmonica, and the guitar. But his first instrument was actually the violin. He began playing at the age of eight after being urged by his parents, although he didn’t enjoy it that much. He did not really want to play the violin, but his parents continued to urge him on and so he simply continued. After a short time, he stopped playing the violin and picked up the piano. It was love at first note. He continued to play the piano and eventually got lessons. He then discontinued lessons and began to play and learn on his own. He tried to take lessons once more but decided to learn his own way and has taken his talents to a new level.

Eduardo’s favorite style of music is Bossa Nova, a style of Brazilian music usually played with a nylon stringed guitar that is played with fingers rather than a pick. He receives inspiration from YouTube videos he watches and picks up on his own. He is a talented player with a developed ear for music, allowing him to adapt easily and fluently in music.

Eduardo plans to just have fun with his music and not take it to a professional level even though his skills are well developed and honed. He enjoys playing with a group of people as opposed to keeping it as a personal hobby and playing alone. He also enjoys playing with the praise team group, other friends, and “the band,” possibly  named “The Back Together’s.”

The SLA student body is filled with talent and this is just one student among many who shine in the school. The talented students of this school, are blessed to be surrounded by so many other students like themselves and should take advantage of the opportunity to learn with their peers and possibly improve their own talents. Thank you for checking into the first SLA Student Talent Spotlight.



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