SLA Sweeps Series With Ayer

By: Ethan Comley

Picture Courtesy of Google Images

On Tuesday the eleventh, the South Lancaster Academy Crusaders defeated the Ayer Panthers in an exciting game that put them one step closer to clinching a playoff spot. The Crusaders beat the Panthers 3-1. After being down 1-0 for most of the game, the Crusaders pulled it together and scored three consecutive goals to win. In the last few games it has been noticed that the Crusaders play much better in the second half than the first half. This stat can be good, but also has its downside. If the team is always losing, it means they have to make comebacks every time.

Helio Ferreira, who plays striker, was interviewed about his take on the soccer team this season. He is a junior that has been playing for both of the two years there has been a team. He is also one of the captains and has scored ten goals in five games. When interviewed, he stated that in his opinion, the goalie (Ethan Comley) had many big plays. Adam, Eduardo, and he each scored a goal in this win.

The next varsity game for the Crusaders is against Archbishop Williams on the 18th of October. with a win in this game they would proceed to 4-1 in varsity games. In order to make the playoffs, the need a record of at least 4-2. The Crusaders have a lot ahead of them and past games have shown that this season is becoming more exciting with every game.


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