Down To The Wire: Make It Or Break It

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By Jennifer Sierra

The South Lancaster Academy girls volleyball team is known for its interesting games. Though they may not be top of their division, the girls put in a strong effort each and every game. The last three games have all been incredibly close. Only losing by two points in their last set, the SLA girls tried hard, after several volleys across the net, they lost the ball. But not without an attempt to save the game.

Across the board, all of South Lancaster Academy’s teams have been noted and rewarded for their good sportsmanship. Many of the students who participate in sports make an effort to represent their school and classmates in a way that will not be forgotten. As a Christian school many of the teams strive to uphold the standards that have been set by those before them.

Many people commend the girls for their optimism and wonderful example to others. Watching them play is always fun. Lucero with her dives, Elena and her spikes, Ashely’s uncanny saves, and the whole team’s cooperative spirit, make attending their games an enjoyable experience.

So whether they win or lose, rain or shine, these girls will never be anything less than winners of the cross and the heroes on God’s court. Next time you see SLA girls, cheer them on and encourage them to keep trying. The only teams that lose are the teams that don’t try.

So it’s not whether you have the best record in the league but whether your a gracious winner and a humble loser that can make or break you.


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