Student Spotlight: Raissa Silva

By Jennifer Sierra

Photo Courtesy of Alyssia Cutler

Raissa Silva is a new student at SLA who is 14 and very energetic. She loves to help others, has a caring heart, a lovely voice, a smile for all, and a piece of sunshine to share with those who want it. Best of all she shares Christ with everyone who will listen. Raissa is very Christ-like in her approach to life. She wants to do her best and is reaching past all limits into the world of change, keeping God as her guide.

The following are her responses to my inquiries about of her view of SLA.

Q: What brought you here to SLA this school year?
A: “My mom wanted me to go to a Christian high school.”

Q: How do you like SLA so far? What do you enjoy the most about it?
A: “I really like the environment. It’s small, really friendly, and the staff try to see to the learning needs of all the students. I feel comfortable here because I can talk about God. I also like how we pray every day and each morning before all classes begin. The chapels are so different from everything else. They are so uplifting and bring me closer to God in a way like nothing else. To be able to connect with God at school is a new concept to me. In a way, I like the spirituality I find at SLA the best.”

Q: How do you like your classes?
A: “I love my classes so far, especially Mrs. Brahmia. Her classes are hilarious. Even though science is not my strong suit, it’s the best. Mr. Bission is funny too, in his own way. I think he should have been a comedian instead with all his stories and jokes. Mr. Lambert is very down to earth and his class is interesting. The best taught history class I have ever taken. Mr. Cook is relaxed. He always has some insane exercise routines for my class to do. But I like it, especially ultimate Frisbee. But I know for a fact that I don’t like the “beep test”. Pastor Nino…I love his little sermons and his approach to the Bible. His sound effects are awesome. They really capture the moment. The effects never fail to make me chuckle.”

Q: What roles do you plan to play as this year progresses?
A: “Well, I would like to play soccer this year. I also just ran for class president office of the freshmen class and got the position. I hope to be able to contribute to the wonderful atmosphere here at SLA.”


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  1. Thanks for sharing Raissah and her faith. Connie

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