Bad D In New England Strikes Again

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By: Ethan Comley

After a quick 2-0 start, the New England Patriots looked like the Patriots that everyone knew, the winning kind. But as week three began people began wondering if they would beat the Buffalo Bills who were also 2-0. They Didn’t. After building a twenty-one point lead they 34-31.

In this game Brady had 4 interceptions; the most since 2006 against the Colts. Some would blame Brady for this horrible loss, but at least 2 of  the picks were not his fault. Despite the stats from the past game Brady hasn’t had a bad season. He has 11 touchdowns with 5 interceptions, a QB rating of 113.8, and has completed 70% of his passes.

Many sports reporters would say the reason for the loss was their bad defense. The reason is, while their offense scores over 30 points most of the time their defense gives up almost that much just as consistently.Some reporters say they need a good, experienced, leading, defensive player that can add depth.

Although there are glimpses of the Patriots’ defense being solid, they constantly give up more and more yards. This overshadows the interceptions players get. This is killing them right now, because the lack of defense forces the offense to score more in order to win.

Obviously the Patriots offense is fine, but without a consistent defense, a Super Bowl win is a long ways away for the New England Patriots.


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