2011 Extreme Team Preview

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By: Natalia Perez

On October 9, 2011, the yearly “Extreme Team” competition will be taking place for the first time this school year. Sponsored by Mr.Fellows, students form their own teams and challenge themselves in different setting, working together to complete a task at the fastest time.

The first event will be held at Deer Field River in Charlemont, Massachusetts where students are put to race in designated areas of the river, each competing to finish first.

Six teams have signed up this year: Latinos Blancos, Alpha 6 “i”, Crusaders, Power Puffs, First Class, and the “No Names.”

Mr. Fellows has been leading out in planning the Extreme Team competition for six years; ever since he began working at South Lancaster Academy. It began as a fundraiser, and students would search for people to sponsor them as they partook in each activity.

After speaking with Mr.Fellows, he stated that he was inspired to start Extreme Team because he was chosen to sponsor the freshmen class, and he wanted to turn fundraising into something more enjoyable instead of stressful.

“Not all students are gifted enough to be on a sports envolvement in school” Mr. Fellows states. “So I wanted to give students a chance to be on a team. To do something together without the pressure and the strong competitive spirit, and make it more easy going and enjoyable.”

After speaking with some students who have been or are currently going to participate in Extreme Team, mostly positive responses were received about their experiences.

“I learned to trust my fellow teammates even if I didn’t know them that well, seeing as we were in a few life or death situations. We got to know each other really well.” Sophomore Brunette Jean said.

”Oh, dear. That was something, let me tell you that.” Alyssia Cutler humorously retorted. “It was very frustrating at times, but I liked my group a lot. They were very motivating.”

“Extreme Team was a great way to bond with friends and enjoy nature.” Mitchell Hall stated.

Judging from these responses, Extreme Team has been socially beneficial for everyone and hopefully it continues to be this way for students who participate in the future.

“Where every something, being blent together turns to a wild of nothing.” -William Shakespeare


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  1. Mr. Lambert, this article is missing the bi-line! I want to know who wrote it! haha
    Tell who ever forgot to add it in to their article before posting it is in good company 😉

  2. Natalia Marie Perez

    Haha, Katie! This was me 🙂

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