South Lancaster Academy Records Enrollment for 2011-12 School Year

Photo from UCLA Magazine

By: Pablo Huerfano

This year SLA’s enrollment has boomed. The current student count is 104 students for SLA, 183 for Browning, and 24 for preschool. That’s a 10% increase for SLA and a 15% increase for Browning.The school hasn’t been this full in more than a decade.

So what has happened that has caused so many new students to enroll? The biggest reason is that a lot of churches are starting to support SLA and Browning by participating in the 3-Way Plan.

In the 3-Way Plan the student’s local church gives an amount of money to the school to help pay a student’s tuition. The Conference automatically matches that amount for the student. This has made it financially possible for families to send their kid to SLA. One of the biggest enrollment increases from any one church is from  the Lancaster Portuguese Church, which has caused the freshman class this year to almost double in size from what was expected.

One of the negative things about the increase is that SLA’s small hallways are becoming more and more crowded. Many students have started to complain of how full the hallways have become. “There are too many kids and the hallways are getting smelly and crowded.” stated Senior, Adrian Olivera.This can cause a real problem since students have a very short period of time in between classes.


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