Red Hot Red Sox

By Brandon Beneche

Throughout the 2011 season the Boston Red Sox have reemerged as o

Jacoby Ellsbury at bat 09/13/2009

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ne of the best teams in baseball. After the acquisitions of 1st basemen Adrian Gonzalez and left fielder Carl Crawford, there were high hopes for the Red Sox at the beginning of the season.. However, after starting the season 0-6 many critics began to speculate that the Sox were all hype. But the critics would soon be proved wrong as the Red Sox would go on to win 19 out if their 29 games in April and have never looked back. Since then Adrian Gonzalez and Dustin Pedroia have had MVP caliber seasons, and Jacoby Ellsbury has had a breakout year.

The Red Sox currently have the fourth best record in the Majors and are looking to make a statement in the postseason. Could the Sox go all the way? This journalist knows they can. Adrian Gonzalez is leading the AL with a 3.39 batting average.  David “Big Papi” Ortiz .is putting up an impressive 3.18 batting average. In addition, Jacoby Ellsbury’s impressive 36 stolen bases places him third among the AL’s stolen base leaders.

The Red Sox are letting their numbers speak for themselves. However, they’ll need to keep those numbers consistant if they plan to beat out the Yankees for their Division Championship. In addition to the Yankees, the Red Sox will also have to beat the Detroit Tigers and their impressive pitching line up, and they’ll need to defeat the well balnced Texas Rangers.

The Sox have spoiled their fans with a great season and look forward to making a statement in the coming postseason. This journalist knows that the Sox can rise to the plate and make it all the way to the World Series.


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