Cheat Sheet: Fantasy Football 2011

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By:Ethan Comley

As the football regular season begins, so does the fantasy football season. Everyone participating in this game is deciding who they will pick hoping they will have an amazing season.

Some players are projected to do as well as they always do and others are projected to play differently than their previous years. These players are rated by reporters all around the sports world and have been put into a list of projections.

This list has every Major offensive category to help you win your fantasy league this year. For defense there is just a team pick. which is rated below as well.

If you draft someone on the list that is projected in the top four players of that category, the odds are that you will get a fair amount of points. Here are the top four players/teams in order of how many points they are projected to have.


1. Aaron Rodgers 311
2. Michael Vick 282
3. Drew Brees 281
4. Tom Brady 280


1. Adrian Peterson 266
2. Jamaal Charles 243
3.  Arian Foster 264
4. Ray Rice 234

Wide Receiver/Points

1. Andre Johnson 203
2. Roddy White 193
3. Greg Jennings 189
4. Hakeem Nicks 189

Tight End/Points

1. Antonio Gates 164
2. Dallas Clark 150
3. Jason Whitten 136
4. Jermichael Finley 135

Defense/Special Teams/Points

1. Steelers 199
2. Packers 192
3. Jets 168
4. Ravens 144


1. Nate Kaeding 148
2. Neil Rackers 141
3. Josh Brown 130
4. Rob Bironas 131

These projections are based on how well players are expected to perform.
Some players to take a chance on this year include Mark Sanchez, Phillip River, Ryan Matthews and Matt Cassel. Risky  players to draft this year include Peyton Manning and Arian Foster due to current injury situations. Possible busts that should be taken with caution include Kevin Kolb, Brandon Lloyd, and also Michael Turner.

Enjoy the season fantasy football players, and good luck!


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  1. This is the most amazingest article i have ever seen

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