A New Beginning

Photo from Monmouth County Library

By: Tia Allain

Recently, the SLA Pioneer sat down with the 2011-2012 Student Association President, Harrington Brown, and Vice President Johannes Sorto for an interview about what students can expect for the coming school year. They are planning a trip to Fire and Ice, at least one banquet, a Thanksgiving “Feast”, the annual Fall Festival and possibly spaghetti dinners throughout the year.

The Fall Festival is scheduled to take place at South Lancaster Academy on October 2, 2011. Harrington and Johannes are planning on having a silent auction for an eReader device, as well as other activities and foods for attendants to enjoy.

Fire and Ice is happening on December 1, 2011 in Providence, RI. The price is still unknown but “Everyone loved Fire and Ice so we’re definitely doing it again” stated Johannes Sorto.

When asked about the banquets, Harrington would not even hint at which theme had the final vote. Johannes did state that it was really close between the Christmas and Valentine’s themes; and it’s been rumored that the Valentine’s idea has won the vote. The scheduled date is still unknown.
When asked why the annual “Handshake”, which happens the Friday after school starts, didn’t occur this year, Harrington said that most students don’t show up for the first few days of school; he decided to have Handshake at Camp Winnekeag later on. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. “In the last minute planning of the boats and other activities, Handshake was misplaced in the time of events.” stated our President.

Both stated that all student ideas are being considered by S.A., and nothing has been discarded yet. Harrington has asked for support from SLA students, faculty and parents. He wants this year to be as successful and fun as he can possibly make it.


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