Student Association Presidential Candidate Preview

By Kathleen Robidoux

This month, the Student Association here at South Lancaster Academy is holding its election for the upcoming 2011-12 school year. This year’s election stands out among the elections of past years because of the competition for SA President. Three members of the student body have stepped forward and declared their candidacies for president. The competition this year places all the more importance on understanding the goals and standpoints of each candidate. For this reason, The Pioneer gave each of the presidential candidates a chance to share a little bit more (aside from the address they’ll give on the day of the election) about their personal backgrounds and goals for next year.

Harrington Brown:
“As a candidate in the running to be SLA’s S.A.President, I would like to tell you what I would like the S.A. to become next year. First of all, I would like to return the students’ focal role in SA. I would also have at least one event a month and two banquets a year. I believe that you, the student, should be represented on a social level as well as in board meetings that take place here at SLA. I believe I am a good candidate because I will listen to the students and will champion their causes to the administration.

Lydia Felt:
“I believe I’m the best candidate because I believe in this school and want to give its students a year to remember. I’m sick of the decisions that are made without the voice of students, and not having any activities during the winter! If I am elected for SA President next year, I will let the students tell me what they want and do my best to make it happen. I will bring change.”

Nathan Grunder:
“The premise for my candidacy is the lack of student rights at this school. If I am elected president, the students here at SLA can expect to see more freedom, especially in the overly-strict dress code rules. They can also expect more SA events instead of hollow promises of such things. So a vote for me is a vote against the Man!”


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