G6 Theory: Separating Fact and Fiction

By Brett Gustafson
South Lancaster Academy’s G6 theory is a creative group that is made up of fellow students. We’ve all heard the name, seen their logos on the walls, and even witnessed group meetings, but there are many things about G6 that most students are naive to, and many rumors that aren’t necessarily true. The group, as a whole, seems to be completely misunderstood.

I sat down with the co-leader of G6, Oneal Lopez, to try and discover hidden secrets about the group such as their origin, purpose, and future plans.

What exactly is G6 Theory?
G6 Theory is a group that does everything; Poems, creative writing, free writes. We make the writing into clean raps.
How did G6 Theory start?
We just randomly made it on the spot in class one day.
Where did the name come from?
The song, Like a G6, by The Cadaracks and Far East Movement.
Who were the original members in G6 Theory?
Me (Oneal Lopez), Alex Sales, and Justin Rhodes.
Who has been added to the group since then?
Demar Diaz and Karla Luna.
Do you guys accept applications?
Well yeah, but G6 has slowly died down.
Died down?
Some members quit.
What do you blame the sudden decline in membership on?
There was a lot of drama.
What would the initiation process be for a new member?
Make a poem or a really nice free write.
What is the purpose of the group?
Basically to have fun and do what we do; Write.
Where do you see the group in three years?
Dead, if nobody joins.

At the heart of G6, there is a creative, intuitive core that many people have missed out on. The group truly aims to inspire others with their passion. Next time you see a member of G6, take time to appreciate what they’re doing for South Lancaster Academy. Who knows, maybe you could be their next member!


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