The Risk in Revival

By: Brett Dylan Gustafson

The recent Week of Prayer has made me consider a lot of things about myself. More and more I’m beginning to see, and despise, the complacency that encircles my walk with Christ. I’m finding that a lot of the choices I make are inconsistent with the person I claim to be and, when I am honest with myself, I find that so many of the things that I’ve done have been committed with clear conscience, with less and less thought.

It’s a problem that we all face, I’m sure. But the masses of people don’t justify the condition. Contrary to popular belief, numbers don’t provide any eternal safety.

Satan doesn’t take it easy on anyone. His once soft, deceptive whispers have turned into a constant scream (at our discretion). Just like the music on our iPods, we’ve grown accustomed to the deafening sound of sin, and sell our souls to the beat.

We plead for forgiveness, but forsake it the moment we are confronted with a similar situation. Taking advantage of God’s grace makes it less powerful, less real, and more of an expectancy, as opposed to the gift that it truly is. If we continue to push away the Holy Ghost, it eventually won’t come back.

As Christians, we should see little value in the vanities of acceptance, fortune, and pride. But we’re often the first ones to forsake what we believe in, fleeing eternity to chase after something that will die with us.

I’ve often questioned revivals. In the story of demon possession, Christ explains that if we clear our minds for Christ and later let the Devil back in, we were worse off then when we began. There is a certain danger to not taking grace seriously. I pray that the God of eternity will let this be our last revival.


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