SLA Places Second in Annual Tournament

April 8, 2011 marked the beginning of the 2011 SLA Basketball Tournament (formerly known as the AUC Tournament). The tournament consisted of six teams: Central Vermont Academy (CVA), Northeastern Academy (NEA), Pine tree Academy (PTA), Greater New York Academy (GNYA), Greater Boston Academy (GBA) and, most importantly, South Lancaster Academy (SLA).

This tournament had great significance to the handful of the teams participating, mainly due to the absence of organized season play throughout the year. This served as the only chance to prove something for most of the teams involved.

The weekend started out with the two Massachusetts native teams, GBA and SLA. The game got off to a fast start, with both teams fighting for the highly coveted first win of the tournament. At the end it was SLA on top, winning by a margin of thirteen points.

Games continued on that day with the favored GNYA versus an inexperienced but determined CVA. GNYA started the game with excessive speed, relying on fast transitions to pin down the helpless CVA team. The game ended with CVA in the dust, and the score a larger-than-necessary margin of 60 points.

April 9 marked day two of the four-day tournament. SLA started out the day against the oversized NEA. Apparently size wasn’t an issue for SLA, as they came out playing the fundamental basketball that brought them to the playoffs this past season. SLA maintained control for the majority of the game, only allowing the lead to come within five points. The Crusaders ended with a five point victory.

The second portion of the day was spent on a more religious note, with a Friday night vespers to bring in the Sabbath.

On Sabbath, the College Church hosted a service for the players with the sermon by Pastor Don Pate. A vespers was held later that day. The closing of the Sabbath brought the opening of the all-star game, which showcased the tournaments top players playing with and against each other.

The final day of the tournament hosted the highly-anticipated matchup between SLA and GNYA. Unfortunately, SLA didn’t play to the best of their abilities and were stunned by Greater New York, who took home the trophy for the second consecutive year.

The Lady Crusaders served as the South Lancaster highlight, going undefeated and taking home the title for the first time in years.


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  1. umm.. sickk how the girls are mentioned in 22 words.. and we won.. and the lamo guys came in 2nd even though WE CAME IN FIRST!!! this is an OUTRAGEE!!! oh and you stole that picture! 🙂

  2. Hi there, just found this page from stumbleupon. It’s not blog post I would normally read, but I loved your perspective on it. Thanks for making something worth reading!

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