SLA and WiFi: A Do or Don’t?

By: Kara Nicholas

Students here at SLA have had many complaints about the school, several of which stem from the difficulty of getting internet access. Whether for personal or academic reasons, people are starved for internet connection 24/7. So, the question has been raised: “Why doesn’t SLA have available WiFi?”

According to Mr. Huff, there is only one reason why administration took away unlimited internet access from the students – “abuse of the system”. Most who took advantage of the internet available were using it for all the wrong reasons. Afterwards, Comsifter, a program which blocked key words on webpages, was put into effect, but it wasn’t enough to keep those who really wanted to get onto the blocked sites away. To the frustration of all involved, wireless internet at SLA became a thing of the past.

However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. There has been talk amongst administration of having a technological revolution in the school. Our principal wants to get SLA not only to the point where each student has access to the internet, but where each student is provided a laptop. However, this sort of technology shouldn’t just be bought and then never used for academic purposes: Mr. Huff wants to wait on introducing this to the school until the faculty can be trained on how to best incorporate the technology in their classroom. As soon as this next school year, there will be the possibility of using an online textbook for math classes. Within the next few years, who knows? SLA may be completely paperless!


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