The Next Level: Academy Day 2011

By: Brett Gustafson

South Lancaster Academy held its annual Academy Day this past Thursday. The day, as usual, aimed to provide a glimpse of the future to present and prospective students, while displaying the school’s faculty, facilities, and fundamentals.

Academy Day started out with a sign in and social in the upstairs hallway. After opening words from the faculty, the students were ushered downstairs for donuts and drinks. They were then split up into their respected grades and given a class-by-class tour. Here, students could analyze classroom environments, bond with fellow students, and ask questions.

After the tour, the students went to the chapel for worship. The program was fairly routine, and included a song service, special prayer, sermon, and performance from the school’s touring choir, Voce’. At its conclusion, the visiting students had an open discussion with Principal Huff about the school.

The day concluded with a volleyball tournament in the gym. Volleyball nets split the gym in four, with each square representing a class. The event was led and announced by the school’s fearless History teacher, Mr. Lambert. The object of the game, which was won by the school’s upcoming Seniors, was to knock every member of another class out (by making them fumble a nearby ball).

Overall, the day seemed to be a step in the right direction for South Lancaster Academy. There were 40 new faces at the school (including Browning). And, while there is always a certain amount of the I’m-just-doing-this-to-get-out-of-my-other-school-classes crowd, the majority seemed to have a legitimate interest in the school.

Of the day, Principal Huff said, “It went well,” specifically listing chapel as a success.

When asked for his reaction to the event, Sophomore, Helio Ferreira said, “I feel like I was stepping up to the next level.”

Others were not as impressed. Freshman Erik Kline commented that, “The set up was good. But everybody just came to skip school,” adding that one of his friends thought the school was, “too expensive” to actually consider attending.

An anonymous teacher called the day, “Chaos.”


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