The Art of Graffiti

As far as trends go at SLA, the latest one seems to be artwork on lockers.  There is no doubt that our students are very talented, but according to our school’s handbook, the “artists” are defacing student property, which can result in strong disciplinary actions.  

In my opinion, students should be allowed to personalize their locker’s outer appearance. Should there be a limit? Yes, of course.  

As a Christian institution, we need to represent Christ in everything we do. Art is a way of expressing our creative minds. Students may express their creativity in writing or drawing.  

It’s not question that SLA could be considered bland. Because of our school’s conservative look, we as students, the body of the school, should indeed be granted the permission to give our hallway some flare.

The faculty, however, don’t agree. Because it has been this way for so long, it would be difficult to convince administrators to see it our way. Principal Huff says, “It is a form of graffiti and needs to come down.”

Seeing it from a student’s point of view, freshman Jordanne believes it is fine as long as we make sure it is eventually cleaned off.  

Another freshman, Lucas Raposo, states, “It shouldn’t be seen as a problem because it is a form of creativity.”  

Junior, Daanan Hall sees it from a different view than most students. He quoted, “Students should be allowed to express themselves, but it shouldn’t be on their lockers.”  

Senior, Brett Gustafson, also has a rare outlook on this situation. Brett questioned, “Are we talking about G6 here?” adding, “To be honest, I’ve grown kind of accustomed to seeing that logo on everything from lockers, to white boards, to assignments. I guess it’s just expected now.”  

Well, there you have it. As much as students may want to keep up their artwork, they are going to have to bring it down via orders directly from our principal. You can’t win them all, guys.


About Alexsandra Hornett

17. Photographer. SLA.

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