Adventism: The New Thing in Mainstream Religion

By: Brett Gustafson 

A recent article posted in the USA Today calls Adventists, “The fastest growing faith in the United States.” The article serves as a rare mainstream pat on the back for Adventists, who are accustomed to ignorant insults about being a cult and misconceptions about their practices. The story rejuvenates the church’s credibility and attests to the success of their recent evangelism attempts.

Adventists are widely recognized for their missionary projects overseas, but are rarely cited as active homeland missionaries. North America, which is infamous for it’s focus on a liberal, luxurious lifestyle, is by no means known for its willingness to put truth above success. In spite of this, Adventists, who aren’t exactly advocates of the American dream, have grown by 2.5% in North America. This is something that no denomination has done in years.

What brings about this sudden growth, you ask?

One of the biggest reason for the Adventist’s success has been their health message. In a nation where obesity, disease, and overall dissatisfaction with self-appearance are prevalent, the Adventist diet serves as hope for change. The dietary practices of the church have been cited in multiple magazines as extremely beneficial. The church’s diet, which is based entirely upon the vegan movement, appeals to many, and has actually proven to help you live longer.

The next major reason for the growth, as listed by USA Today, is their “back-to-basics” understanding of scripture. With popular culture and false traditions soiling original doctrines, the Adventist Church prides itself on following God’s original laws. This grasping of original truth gives people the hard, Biblical evidence that most denominations fail to. The movement makes individuals take a long look at what they truly want out of life.

The last thing attributed to the church’s success is its diversity. The cultural variety of congregations ensures that there are gracious, diversified homes for any person, regardless of race,sex, or background. In a generation where immigration is at it’s peak, the numerous, different-language-speaking churches allow people to find familiar relationships and truth.

When asked for a reaction about the recent success, Adventist leaders acted surprised and disappointed that they weren’t growing more. Ron Clouzet, a director of evangelism at Andrews University, expressed concern that the church wasn’t excelling at a faster rate. With their own branch of colleges, cafes, and other community hot spots, Adventists are starting to use creative intuition to attract people to the truth. To the common eye, the approach seems like it’s passing with flying colors. Perhaps it’s this dissatisfaction and drive that allows them to continue to grow.

The true Bible-based church is back. With world events swinging dramatically, it wouldn’t be surprising if this church continued to grow exponentially. They’re certainly playing their cards right.


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